Surprising Sally

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

There’s something sweet to be said about surprise birthday parties. After all the anticipation in hoping things turn out the way we planned, a success is always such a good feeling! Almost as good as the food coma post-party! 😉

Today, we celebrated Sally. Me and nine other wonderful ladies shared many laughs, random stories, and tired faces after along week of school. Between the lovely conversations, we savored every bite over the infamous silent mealtime…you know, the kinds where you KNOW everyone is hungry and enjoying their food? These memories will forever be stored in my heart’s hard drive of “Unforgettables”.

Sally | she’s the girl with the perfect facial expression for everything & lights up the whole table

what’s a modern-day party without the phones to LITERALLY capture everything?! 🙂 

modified pen grasp 24/7…dental hygiene student problems


Happy day of birth, Sally 🙂





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