Double Date Chattanooga

For the three years I’ve lived at Chattanooga, I’m convinced it is one of the most fun place to have dates. So what do you do with another couple with many places to see??? Double Date! Now to be honest, I didn’t take too much because I specifically wanted to spend quality time with them. So yes, these aren’t necessarily quality photos, but there were definitely quality memories made. 😉 I’d take that any day over good pictures. See the places we visited below!

Spend life doing what you love, with those you love.


and because of you, my darling, my every day is a dream come true.


Laughter is well-spent with a soulmate.

forever and always, xoxo


.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Good Dog
Clumpies Ice Cream Co.

Majestic 12

Luxe Boutique
River City Apparel
Winder Binder Gallery & Bookstore


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