People Stop Caring After Your 21st

Not too long ago, I turned 22 and I found it really funny how (most) people stop caring about your birthdays that come after 21. Soon after my birthday, my sweet friend Stacy, turned 22! I know some people think it’s a hassle to celebrate another birthday when they come annually anyways. Well to me, that’s precisely more of a reason for me to celebrate! What a blessing to have another year. It’s something to be thankful for! Without a doubt, I knew I wanted to do a little something special for Stacy. Keep scrolling to see our birthday adventure.

I wish you all the joy that you can wish. -William Shakespeare


We were probably laughing about how Joanna Gaines would love this section…and how we were such fans (anyone else with me?)


in case you’re wondering, heaven is on McCallie Road


…On today’s birthday, count your age by friends—not years! -Unknown


The greatest adventure is what lies ahead. -Glenn Yarbrough


Happy 22nd my sweet friend, Stacy!


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