Life Lately

Peacefully stressful. If that makes any sense. To me, it’s knowing everything will be ok (the peaceful part), but knowing that decisions have to be made ASAP (the stressful part). Now I don’t know how many people actually care about the things I say on the blog…even though I can see the analytics, I still doubt, haha. Anyways. I’m about to step into a new portion of my life journey and I’m going to write it down to remember it.

Ever been in a point in your life where you feel like you’re at a very crucial fork in the road? You want to make the right decisions, you sit and pray at the beginning of the fork, hoping to get a sign of which way to turn. Some birds tell you left, some birds tell you right. You look up to the sky listening for a direct decision, but never get one. At least not the way you want to. Then you realize, what IF every bird has been a key to a divine intervention? what IF you are getting answers but you’re just to frazzled to notice it?

And then that’s when I smile and stand, realizing that I AM getting answers. They’re all around me. I take a deep breath and fully embrace the peace of knowing everything will be ok. I take a step forward, hesitating to place each foot over the other. Still unsure, but hopeful of the road’s adventures. I start to feel the thrill of all the future holds and praise God for His guidance thus far.

To heed God’s Word is not to look for what you want, but to see things as He presents them. It’s not to sit and wait and do nothing, but to act NOW knowing He is guiding each and every way.

So..which fork on the road will I go? Left or right?


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