If You’re into Travel Vlogs…

Long time no talk friends! Once again, school has swallowed up my whole being so I’ve been MIA. I don’t know if some of you have already guessed or not, but “if you’re into travel vlogs”, Tyler and I just started a channel together! “Summiting Mt. Adventure”… It will be of our travels and adventures from here on out, and we’re putting them on YouTube! So far, there’s only one video on there (and hopefully another one this weekend) but it’s been a fun trial-run already. If you enjoy following our adventures in video-form, please subscribe and like our videos so we know we’re doing something right. I’d love to hear from anyone out there as well so if you have something to share, please comment! Whether it’s a rude comment or a nice one, I’m always thrilled to hear from readers/viewers out there.

I will still be posting here on my blog whenever I can, but I know it’s always a little fun to see videos too so we’ll see where this goes! As students, school is priority and it’s difficult to find time to go out and get some footage, edit, and post. That being said, when we do get the chance to, there’ll be some fun memories up on our YouTube channel so keep an eye out for new videos!

Processed with VSCO with x1 presetWhy the name? Well, we honestly had a really hard time finding one that wasn’t taken, unique, but very US. We knew we wanted it to revolve around adventure so that was where
we started. Then, we always joked about how climbing Mt. Everest would be crazy awesome, but we also knew that the likelihood of that happening was very low. So, why not combine the two of our dreams and adventures? From those random thoughts evolved, Summiting Mt. Adventure.

Hope you all are as excited about it as we are! Head over there right now to see Tyler’s adventure to the Bahamas last year! It’s full of color, sea creatures, and blue blue waters.






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