“Cabrillo” Was His Name-oh

“Cabrillo” was his name-oh…whose name was Cabrillo?!?! The founder of California! One of my last main stops before leaving the always beautiful San Diego, was Point Loma. First off, the drive was great. Cute homes everywhere, hilly streets which I know may be hard to believe since it’s California, but it’s San Diego…everything about it surprises me.

We were then greeted by the solemn white stones that silently spoke of the honor that these men and women deserve. A sight that will always take my breath away.

You know those stunning images on Google for a place like Big Sur? (If you don’t, you should Google it right now and experience being virtually stunned with me…) Anyways, we came around this curve that overlooked cliffs and the ocean. I was taking a video and I pretty much said, “wow” the whole time.  

As you can see, I was smitten by the beauty of it all.


Here’s my obligatory touristy picture, haha!

Then up where the Cabrillo monument was, I saw one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. We were basically on a little peninsula. On one side, was the view you saw above. On the other, was this…The day was so perfect. As the sailboats bobbed along, time really slowed down the pace of life at that moment. It was a rare and beautiful feeling.

a panorama…


of me…


taking a panorama…whoa.

See where it says “Cabrillo National Monument” above? (the lower left of the map) That is where we were! Just to give you a bird’s eye view of what we were looking at.

Then, there was a lighthouse. *Lighthouse Tale by Nickel Creek automatically starts playing in my head* It was white, tiny, brick, and beautiful. Just how I like it. There were even sunflowers outside!!! There was a little museum to the left side of the lighthouse where it showed all the different lighthouse styles and bulbs they used over time. To the back was a little garden with all kinds of veggies growing! Inside the lighthouse, were rooms furnished as it would’ve been back then. It was small, but there was just something about it that made me feel at home! I wanted to live there!

I kinda wanna be a lighthouse keeper now…

Driving off with these white rows saluting their goodbyes and the city peeking in the distance, made me feel like I was waking up from a dream. Which is what happened in a way! Not long after, I had to leave San Diego and get back to the reality of life. I’m thankful for a vacation that was better than my dreams. Thanks for another wonderful time San Diego (specifically thanks to my family for hosting us)! And as for YOU my friends, thank you again for dropping by. What will by next adventure be?











1 thought on ““Cabrillo” Was His Name-oh

  1. Such cool and awesome pictures! The views are stunning. It makes me really want to visit that place. I appreciate your blog!

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