Lions and Tigers and…Giraffes?

So my little treat for this trip was going to that beautiful ranunculus field! Tyler’s treat for the trip was to go on a safari. I can’t decide which one I loved more! Both were so great in their own ways! It’s like going to a zoo, but so much better. A wider variety of animals, bigger, and more space for the animals! It’s amazing.

The San Diego Safari is on 1,800 acres of land and only 900 is being used for the animals currently. The rest is simply for the sake of preserving the beautiful land of Escondido, CA.  The founder just had a brilliant idea one day to take animals that are in harsh conditions (caged, poached, endangered) and give them a better life in the safari. They have also made efforts to take the embryos of the endangered species to help in multiplying and saving the animals. They have been successful with quite a few species already and I’m very impressed with their vision. It’s something I strongly support. Those animals I saw were absolutely beautiful.


pure excitement on that face

i spy a tiger

Just to give you an idea of how painful a tiger’s swipe would be
Apparently, tigers “bite, tear, and swallow”.

Can you find the most endangered wild horses?

“Alan! Alan! Al Al…no wait it’s Steve…Steve! Steve!”

Can you see the owl?


I’ll never forget the mesmerizing eyes of this lioness.


p.s. We watched a cheetah run 100 meters in 6.1 seconds!!! She was only 2 years old!









1 thought on “Lions and Tigers and…Giraffes?

  1. That was so much fun! Let’s go back to see the elephants!

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