My Favorite Flower is…

Ranunculus. I mean they’re just so beautiful! I was surprised by my family to the Flower Fields in San Diego. They blindfolded me until we were at the entrance and I was blown away. The fields were just FULL of color I felt like I was dreaming! My love for Ranunculus was definitely reestablished again that day.

Hope you’ve been enjoying these posts so far! I’ve been enjoying them for sure! This blog has been a wonderful place to keep my memories and it’s a pleasure to share them with you. Hint for the next post: lots and lots of animals.

my second favorite flower

fresh lavender, mmm

“sweet pea, apple of my eye”


“you need to smell them like this” goof ball
leaves nearly as big as my sister!!
confession: we picked some…we werent supposed to.

my favorite combo for a bouquet!

1 thought on “My Favorite Flower is…

  1. Beautiful flowers everywhere! Love!

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