Anticlimactic Potato Chip

Sabbath afternoon was a memory I’ll never forget. We took on an 8-mile hike and it ended up taking MUCH longer than expected…like 4 hours long. It was a hike to the much-talked-about Potato Chip Rock. The views were absolutely breathtaking, and worth the trip. The rock itself though? Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t just go for the ROCK. I’d go for the views more than anything. It was just that stunning.

My poor sis got a little hypoglycemic and we forgot our snacks at the car so we took breaks every so often. A kind stranger shared their apricots with her and that was a good booster.

Once we got to the top, it was cold!! I couldn’t wait to get back down to lower altitude. The sun was starting to set so we rushed back down after pictures. It was an hour past sunset by the time we got down. Haha I’ll never forget that. I know, we got through the hike really slow, BUT it was a steep trail at some parts and we weren’t well energized. Is that a good enough of an excuse for our hilariously long hike?

Either way, I’ll never forget being eye level to clouds and looking down at miles and miles of California landscape.



Might as well close our eyes together!

I wish you could see but we were so high up, there are actually buildings on the hills.
“hey kaye look”

Splits became a thing this hike.

Behold, the tiny anticlimactic Potato Chip Rock
I spy a shark fin and an elephant bum.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring!




1 thought on “Anticlimactic Potato Chip

  1. Intense workout! The dinner that followed made it all worth it!

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