An April Campout by the Bay

It’s been Spring lately here in the South, in a way that is both beautiful and confusing. In such a way that at night you wonder if warmth ever exists, and during the daytime you’re reminded that it does after all, exist. That’s exactly how it felt this weekend, and we camped through it. Along with new and old friends, we camped by a bay, laughed, sang, and played games to our hearts’ content (until “quiet time” of course).

Driving into the site, I started to feel really excited. You know the kind of excitement you get when you’re plane is about to land to your long awaited vacation? That kind. When I saw my friends setting up camp, I giggled at the realization that it was about to be a really fun and LOUD little trip. OF COURSE, I apologized (in my head) to the other campers for the merriment to come. We’re just a few 50+ harmless college kids looking to have a good time anyways. The site looked great, overlooking the bay, and I could NOT wait to get that campfire smell all over me. Is that gross? haha Now, I KNOW I’m not the only one that loves that smell.

Soon everyone arrived and it felt like everyone was busy doing something. Slack lining, setting up a tent/hammock, cooking, singing, playing games, talking, we were one big happy family.

Sabbath arrived beautifully with the sunset, and around the campfire we sang. Praising God and learning more about Him together was a moment I’ll never forget. The wonderful harmonies…ah man, I could do that every night. It was a free concert for our neighboring fellow campers too!

My Darling of a friend crushed her pinking toe, but she hobbled around with the fun anyways!



Waking up to a full bladder and a frozen cold face, I crawled out of my cocoon (#ilovehammocks) and breathed in the cool crisp air of a beautiful Sabbath morning. The hustle and bustle of the group started up again and the groggy “g’morning” greetings turned to joyous chatter.


“This one’s for you love” and he made it across!!

I thought I’d join in with the fun of skipping rocks. Here I am having my own little celebration of skipping rocks not twice, not five times, but ONCE! I guess hearing that plonk was really exciting…Of course, Tyler’s over there skipping 10-14 times but you know…he learned it all from me.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
it may be blurry, it may be insignificant, but this one just makes me smile

There’s always a lot of laughter with this guy. He’s a goof, talented, and one with a heart full of love for everyone.

This was a campout I’ll never forget. It wasn’t the weather, that made it so great, or nature, or the food, or my hammock. Just new and old friends that made my life feel so much more complete.

You made it to the end of my latest adventure! Thanks for dropping by. Until next time!



I can’t take all the credit! Thanks to my roommate, Chelsea for capturing the pictures of Tyler and me! Candids are the best.

Also, click here and see all my photos on my VSCO album!


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