Small Talk and Music

Small Talk and Music:

Hey! How are you? The weather today huh? Crazy right?! So cold! SO BITTERLY COLD. I was walking outside for like three minutes and my legs were NUMB by the time I got inside. Can’t believe how cold it got again especially after that warm front! Fooled me for sure. I was getting my Chacos ready! Well, I guess I’ll catch ya later! Stay warm!

New artist caught my attention this week! His name is Josh Garrels. I had a few friends go to his concert this week so out of curiosity I checked out some of his jams on spotify and I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve always liked a bit of the folk, chill, feel in certain genres (especially the ones with the banjo). Well, this guy is just a nice bit of that. He’s got some Christian songs too! Don’t know everything about him, so maybe he does all Christian songs? But so far, loving his music. Perfect for a cold Friday night like tonight.





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