Rants: On Gossip

I was just climbing up some stairs distracted by the most distractable: my thoughts. It’s on gossip. Now I know everyone does it, whether they mean to or not, whether they’re trying to stop or not. Unfortunately, it’s just part of our human tendencies and unfortunately, I do it too. On with my thoughts…

Imagine with me being able to sit back and see two worlds play at one time. One that had gossiping, and one that didn’t (I KNOW, it’s impossible. But just this once, let’s us our imagination we all still have from childhood). You see two people interacting in different ways. One gossips, the other doesn’t.

In the world that gossips, person A tells person B about person C. Person A talks with no regard of person C, and person B takes it all in….like a sponge. Perhaps person B once thought that person C wasn’t so bad…ONCE. But after hearing all these “truths” and “facts” about person C, he just can’t seem to get them out of his mind. So, the next time Person B sees person C, he doesn’t treat her like he normally would, no. He treats her like those “truths” and “facts” were…well, just as they said they were. Person C? Well…fortunately for her (some may disagree on how fortunate she really is), she has no idea this is going on.

Let’s jump over to the other world now. The world where gossiping doesn’t exist (once again, impossible I KNOW, but stay with me). Person A has had an encounter with person C that might have twisted his viewpoint on her a bit. But he keeps his mouth shut. When he bumps into person B, he doesn’t diss on her, he keeps his mouth shut. Person B encounters person C and treats her like he would any day. Oblivious of person A’s experience with her, person B manages to connect with person C in a way person A (or any other alphabetically made up character) couldn’t. Gossip.

Gossip. I’m not sharing this rant to say that gossiping should be stopped/no more gossip/let’s make a movement to stop gossiping. Why? Because unfortunately, it won’t. Our human (sinful) tendencies are too strong. BUT, my thoughts did bring me to point out the power of holding our tongue. I mean look back at the “good” world we were just imagining…see all the positive influences person B was able to have over person C? Sure gossiping may never completely disappear, sure some people would RATHER gossip, sure I gossip. But here’s the thing…We don’t HAVE to gossip. Yeah, we might slip every so often, but we could try to hold our tongue, remember an individual’s worth, and allow people to see others for who they really are instead of how we see them. Holding our tongue could bring a sounder mind, a happier heart, a more forgiving spirit, and a better respect for other sinful/imperfect/gossiping human beings.

Focus on the good in others…not their imperfections (which by the ways, you ALSO have). Share the good in them. Look at the positive. Speak for the sake of uplifting.





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