I don’t go shopping ALL the time, and I don’t usually enjoy shopping for a long time. I’ve also always aimed to keep my buying to a minimum. You know, save money and buy only needs…Unfortunately, today I went shopping and got quite a few things. In my defense, they ARE things I need…



  1. Three bras. I’ve learned a good fitting bra is something so crucial, it’s almost like finding the right guy! Now I have to say, I was deceived by the bras in F21…My basket started off with twelve bras and ended up settling for three.
  2. Basic Tee. BASICALLY always a necessity. They go with everything!
  3. Taupe pouch. I’ll be using it for my pencil case this new year.


  1. Philosophy Purity. I got the baby size of this that was part of the Christmas deals.


  1. Buki Hand Brush. I’ve been keeping my eye on their brushes for a while now. I know a good brush makes a big difference, especially with their powder foundation (which I LOVE). This brush is more dense, and distributes faster.

Plato’s Closet

  1. Two workout tops. Love a good workout top. Airy, comfortable, and stylish.
  2. Beige Loose Turtle Neck Sweater. Don’t have one and I think it’s a pretty fair necessity.


I know…..quite the spree…and I feel guilty, but don’t regret it! They are stuff I at least DID think about before buying! If you’d like for me to do a review on any of these, let me know!





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