Simple. That word seems to really have a lot to do with the way I like to live my life. Take my blog name for instance…KESILIHA | Kevyn Simply Living Happy. I mean, “simple” just seems to sneak in every nook and cranny of my little life. But to be honest, I couldn’t think of a better word to describe it.

My sister had asked me to define my goals this coming year in one word. Have a guess what it could have been…oh, did you guess simple? I don’t have the SLIGHTEST idea why you would guess THAT! (sure hope you can hear my sarcasm! haha) Yes, I said simple with almost no hesitation. Here’s why…

Simple is the way I aim to live and they way I wish to live in the future. I realized it after looking deep into who I’ve become these twenty years. I look for joy and pleasure in the simple things in life. I find no need for extravagant things, only those that serve its purpose, and well…simple. I’m learning with time that the way of living is really just a part of who I am. I find the best vacation to be a hike or just spending time outdoors. I like to think that my sense of style is simple yet speaks for itself and who I am (that’s not to say I don’t enjoy dressing up every so often). When it comes to makeup, I rarely apply makeup on my face and usually resort to just eye makeup (I like to enhance the natural beauty we’ve all been blessed with). I enjoy living a simple vegan diet. I soak up the simple love my God has for us that I cannot even fathom. When it comes to love, I find that I feel its sincerity when it is simply expressed from the deepest part of heart. I enjoy a simple lifestyle with simple pleasures and simple needs.

One of the main things I love about a “simple” lifestyle is how humbling it is. To know that deep inside it really doesn’t take much to be happy, it’s easier to just DO life instead of worrying on less important things. This does not mean I life a perfect life, but being simple has offered me a very HAPPY life for sure (which, in my opinion, is more valuable than perfection).

Simple. I mean, the word speaks for itself in a way. It is short, sweet to the point, and full of meaning. So full that it took a few paragraphs for me to define what the word means to me. Simple. A lifestyle I’m pleased to have discovered, and a lifestyle I will continue to live by for the rest of my life. Goodness, I believe that’s enough of that word for now. If this were an essay, I’d definitely be counted off for “repeating the word too many times”. Thank goodness it’s not because it’s been a joy to share. Hope you’ve enjoyed this “simple” post!





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