Day 1 of 5 | LOVE

For these next five days, I will be sharing reflections of things I’ve been learning and thinking of. I am at a conference (GYC: Generation of Youth for Christ) held by my denomination (Seventh-day Adventist Church) and so far it has been a blessing. You can find more info on GYC here. I’ll be highlighting the main things that have stuck out to me throughout the day!

As this new year comes to a close, I hope to focus on becoming a true/genuine woman of Christ and to love Him/others/life fully. Tonight’s sermon looked at attaining a deep passion for God. And that the key to many questions and problems is love. Not just the superficial love our society teaches us to live by, but deep and overflowing love that is found in Christ.

I believe that one of the most important foundational necessities to attaining a life in Christ is to share His love. Not only with others but especially with Him. I want to be a vessel for Christ and though I do not know everything theological, I know the power of Christ’s love and what it can do in my life. I know the wonderful things I can do with Christ when I live with that love in my heart and I know it has a deep capability of changing a life. I want my life to be changed.

Alongside this 5-day journey, I will be finishing a book I’ve started called Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge. It’s a beautiful book and especially empowering. It makes a point to share the “mystery of a woman’s soul”. So far I am also gathering that it strongly points out our (us women’s) place in God’s heart, mind, and purpose.

I make these posts not to convert, not to contradict…if anything, my intentions are simply for the purpose of sharing my journey led by my desire to get to know my God. He has done so much in my life and has been leading tremendously through the thick and thin. I am alive because of Him and I know there is more to life than what the world offers. And for that I want to fully embrace His love and ministry.

So for those reading, I hope you find these next five posts enjoyable, thought provoking, and a mind opener to the great wonders and lessons I am going to learn these next few days. One thing I’ve always made a point with this blog of mine is to be as real as possible. Not just to post to get the most likes and readers, but to post with a deeper purpose. I want to be as genuine and sincere to this vast internet world and to give quality posts even if they are of random thoughts. My hopes are to share the things I enjoy most in life to those who may find joy/healing/adventure in KESILIHA. Religion and spirituality are a few of the things that matter most in my life and hence, the birth of these next five posts. Now I think that is enough of this rant, so see you tomorrow!




P.S. for those of you that don’t know, GYC is a conference open to all but specifically drawn to the youth/young adults. It’s goal is to bring us closer to Christ and to bring forth the mission of the Adventist church to the three Angels’ Messages found in the book of Revelation. Through these meetings the youth can find Biblical training, Christian fellowship, networking opportunities, and leadership responsibilities. This has only been my third time at GYC and each time has been just a huge blessing and contribution to my growth in life emotionally, mentally, and (most importantly) spiritually. You can find more info on GYC here.


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