Season of Change | Spiritually, Mentally, Physically

Here’s a more lengthy, chatty post for the week:

Ever since college, I started having a strong interest in wellness. Each one of my classes have contributed to this new found love for balance. Since our bodies were made to maintain homeostasis anyways I felt like this was a part of my nature. Having classes like religion, nursing, health, encouraged me to achieve a sense of wellness in those areas of my life.

Spiritually, I’ve been working on getting to know God in a more personal way instead of accepting everything I’m told to believe. Being outdoors has been a huge part in spending time with God. Having difficult, all-consuming classes like nursing has really encouraged me to have a sense of balance. If not, I would lose myself in the dark pit of school (ok a little dramatic, but really tho).

In the sense of mental wellness, I’ve making efforts in being active in other activities like community service, intramurals, taking the time to reach out to friends when I can, playing games, remembering to laugh…that’s just to mention a few.

The biggest change I’ve been trying to make counts for both mental and physical wellness in my opinion. Being fit and active is something I would always start, but never stay committed to. Thanks to my very fit boyfriend and my school’s opportunities, I’ve finally gotten up from my lazy bum and made it part of my life. That’s the thing with healthful living…when you make it a goal, it can be a burden. But when you turn it into a lifestyle, you dont think about it, you just DO it. By being part of a program that helps attain healthful living, exercising regularly, and eating better, I’ve noticed a big change not only physically but especially emotionally.

Part of this big change was my transition into becoming vegan. I never thought I’d go vegan EVER. I loved my cheese…my Italian…my ice cream! I made this switch for a reason and it’s still going through a trial run. See, for more than 3 years I have struggled with serious migraines. I’m talking about loss of vision, nausea and vomiting, a post-headache for sometimes days after my vision is impaired, it was bad. I’ve tried many ways to end this but those migraines always seemed to find their way bad. So far, I’ve been migraine-free ever since I started going vegan and I am NOT complaining. They were so bad that if it means ending cheese and dairy consumption in order to be migraine-free, I’ll put 100% into it. Luckily I can still have a little if I absolutely have to, since it’s not like I’m allergic or such.

I’m thrilled to make efforts in making my life better, healthier, and more balanced. Of course this doesn’t mean no bad days for a better life…what’s life without bad days anyways. In fact, it’s because of those bad days that I’ve decided to make changes in my life. God has given me an incredible, complex body and I want to life to my fullest. Besides, as a nursing student I’ll be need a healthy body…especially a “strong back”. I know this was quite a different compared to my usual photography posts, but if you’ve made it this far down my post, thanks and it was a joy to share this new addition to my lifestyle. Hope you can find balance and wellness in your life too.

PS. Check out all of my blog photos in my VSCO grid


4 thoughts on “Season of Change | Spiritually, Mentally, Physically

  1. Great photos AND post! So proud of you for the new change in becoming vegan. I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years now and thought of becoming vegan before. I still haven’t had the guts to do it, but you have! Excited to see how your journey goes and reading about it. (:

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    1. Thanks so much! It’s been great so far and a lot easier than I thought especially since I’ve been vegetarian for a while now.


  2. Hi ! 🙂
    I nominated you for the Liebster award if you want to take a look


    1. Thanks for the nomination but I’m so sorry I’ve already done it before! Have fun!


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