Facing Fears and Enjoying It

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Blessing…That’s how I would describe this past weekend. After church I decided to go on a hike with some friends. We were going to meet up with another group of friends at Foster Falls who had camped out for a night. The hike was BEAUTIFUL. I love that feeling when I go on a long hike but forget about the distance because of all the beauty around me. What a blessing.

When we finally got to our other group of friends, I was able to exercise all I’ve been learning in rock climbing class. It’s a sport I’m really starting to love. A new way to appreciate nature is always on my mind and rock climbing has been a new way to do so. What a blessing.

Now let me as you something. What sense would it make to go see a waterfall but not swim in its glory? So of course we swam, but with a bit of a twist. We rappelled down the waterfall into the water and what an experience it was! It was only my second time rappelling ever and I wasn’t so sure I wanted to rappel down a tall waterfall (especially since I’m acrophobic). But then I thought, when else am I going to be able to do this? I would just end up hiking down. How lame would that be?! After I mustered up enough excitement and thrill in me, I volunteered to go next and boy am I glad I did (video below).  I was so happy that I couldn’t help but WOOHOO every few seconds! What a feeling it is to have my legs dangling more than 60 feet up in the air, a powerful waterfall to my right, and a bird’s eye view all around me!!!! WHAT A BLESSING.

The friends I got to spend these memories with made the Sabbath even better. They are friends I will never forget. Just looking into this year so far reminds me of what adults told me before I turned twenty. You’ll love your twenties. It’s your Roarin’ Twenties! I have to say, they’re right. It’s been pretty roarin’ and I’ve loved every minute so far. God is good. Life is a blessing.

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