Chilly Autumnal Hike

These past few weeks or so I’ve seen people post on how Autumn has arrived or sweater weather is back! I was finally able to join in on the celebrations this past weekend!

Saturday was the first day Autumn’s breeze returned. What’s so special about it is that it has a way of pulling people out to nature. So after church, we (two friends, the boyfriend, and I) just HAD to go on a hike for the afternoon. Our first stop was at a beautiful waterfall. With the weather in the high 60s, the water was fairly cool… cold… chilly…  ok it was FREEZING. And like all SMART individuals (pffft), we swam to the waterfall. Humorously, we were all laughing at first but then fell silent as we swam back with numb limbs. It was definitely ridiculous of us, but fun. You should’ve seen the guys trying to get in the water!! Our second stop was further down the hike so we could hammock and dry off a bit. The views were amazing, the many ‘shrooms I saw were fascinating, and feeling God’s love through nature was unforgettable. I was reminded of how much I loved nature and Autumn.


2 thoughts on “Chilly Autumnal Hike

  1. So full of adventure, beauty and nature. Your photos look great!


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