My Chacos (Review)


Chacos W7 I have to admit, my Chacos may be my new favorite shoes. Not a fan of mainstream-everyone’s-wearing-it items, I was a little skeptical of them at first since it seemed like everyone wore them. But then I thought, “Maybe there’s a reason they’re so popular”. I thought I’d give in to its fame and find out for myself. I WAS going to buy only one pair as a surprise for my man’s birthday. Unfortunately (not so unfortunate), they were on sale for 40-20% off. Since two pairs would have been the price of one (AND I saved up money for the cost of one pair), I got one for myself too! I mean why not right?! It took me about four times wearing them to really break ’em in, and now I’m loving them even more. I always struggled with good arch support in my shoes but I can tell that won’t be a problem for me thanks to my Chacos. Aside from my ENO hammock, this may be one of my best purchases.

Chacos w7


3 thoughts on “My Chacos (Review)

    1. thanks Ashley!
      i enjoyed your most recent blog post by the ways!

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      1. Glad to hear! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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