Connecting Through Nature

Sometimes I get more of a sermon when I’m in God’s creation, than when I sit in church. That’s not to say I hate church ’cause that’s quite the opposite, but it is to say that nature brings us to connect with God because it is a part of us. -self reflections

Sabbath is my favorite day of the week. The older I get, the more I appreciate and learn how to fully enjoy the day that was “made for man, not man for the Sabbath”. Last semester, I discovered that I connect with God best through nature, music, and community service. Last Sabbath I spent time with God with my boyfriend in nature and it stands as one of my favorite Sabbaths so far. Although, I’ll be outdoors again this Sabbath so who knows, that might change! ;P

Rainbow Lake Trail

The Infamous Sunset Rock

Fading Out

Going Going Gone

Deep inside I believe we all connect with nature somehow. It’s just part of our bodies’ make up…God made us that way. I love how I can see so much of God’s character through nature and being outside. It’s incomprehensible but fully experienced. I can’t wait for this Sabbath!


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