A Hike at Torrey Pines

The other day, I went on the best hike of my life (so far). We took Broken Hill trail right at sunset to see not only the best view, but to venture one of nature’s finest. There were eucalyptus trees that filled the air with fresh aroma and the ocean breeze was consistently present. There’s nothing more exciting than to take a hike knowing there’s a body of water at the end.

So far, this hike at Torrey Pines holds as my favorite hike.














I find myself best in God’s pure nature.


5 thoughts on “A Hike at Torrey Pines

  1. Looks extremly enjoyable. Hiking can be a very special kidn of experience if you love nature 🙂

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    1. I completely agree. my love for nature has grown so much recently that it couldn’t have been a more perfect hike.

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      1. That’s great to hear. Addiction to nature is something utterly amazing 🙂


    2. by the ways, i just checked out your blog and i love what you guys do! i cant wait to see more exciting posts! i love traveling and wish i could do as much as you guys do.

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      1. Wow, thanks a lot! We are kind of addicted at the very moment and just love to share our reviews and guides to make other travelers have even better experiences. If I can’t help you with any further travels, feel free to ask me anytime 🙂


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