love’s element of surprise

some of the simplest things make life most enjoyable. -personal experience

my love’s element of surprise has always been–how should i say this–well, let’s just say i’m usually better with surprises between the two of us. 😀 well yesterday, he decided to be sneaky and randomly drop by to say hi. i had no idea it was his day off, but he got in touch with my roommate and suitemate who gave him ideas on how to catch me off guard completely (they were a HUGE part of this successful surprise,  so i gotta give ’em credit).

i get a call from the front desk that the dean wanted to talk to me about my late arrival the past weekend. (i was late with friends for jurassic world but it was well worth it!!!) since i was with a group, i got a little nervous that i had to talk to the dean by myself. anyhow, i get downstairs and walk to the dean’s office. instantly, i notice the back of someone i could recognize from  a mile away. the deans, the girls at the front desk, my room/suitemates, mysurprise_flowers love, got me REAL GOOD. i creepily looked over his shoulder to make sure it was him and the rest was just too much excitement for me to contain. my adrenaline from getting called down for the deans to seeing him sit there was a lot for me to handle and all i could do was smile and laugh.

although that surprise was more than enough for me to feel loved, he also gave me a beautiful bouquet with some of my favorite colors: yellow and pink. i’m so blessed to have great friends and a sweet man.


1 thought on “love’s element of surprise

  1. How adorable! Props to him for surprising you in such a sweet way (:


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