Down in Atlanta

ever been to a place SO MUCH or FOR SO LONG that you don’t know what else is out there? having grown up in ATL, you’d think i know all the fun spots. well I DON’T (embarrassingly). i decided to change that went back home to find new LOCAL spots.


west_district_atlWestside Arts District | had no idea this place existed, but it’s GREAT!

flower_shopLe Jardin Francias European Flower Shop | i found my favorite flower shop

God_save_the_queenGod Save the Queen | sidewalk library

Krog_street_marketKrog Street Market | if you’re looking for a good market to go to, this is the place

Ponce_MarketPonce City Market | still in the making, but its gonna be good…real good

High Museum of Art | favorite art work in my favorite museum

R_H_atlRestoration Hardware | what can i say? everything about it was breathtaking

air_plantAir Plants from Krog Street Market


as if our day wasn’t good enough already, we drove off to a beautiful June sunset.


2 thoughts on “Down in Atlanta

  1. I love the pictures! Such a good post (:


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