Double Date Adventures

vegetarians and hot dogs, don’t really go well together…can anyone else relate? well today, my boyfriend and i had an awesome double date with close friends that changed our vegetarian palates forever. (…it was just THAT GOOD ok?)
we had heard of this place called Good Dog for a while now, but hadn’t been able to go. we decided to change that on this perfect Sunday and it was the best decision ever. first off, it being located in ChattTown automatically made it an awesome place. the artsy buildings, hipster decor, and local feel makes it one of the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants.
they claim to have the #1 hot dogs in Chattanooga and i concur
when you first walk in, the smell of sausage makes you drool instantly! we were ready to dig in and we didn’t even know what we wanted to order yet!
yes, their hot dogs are truly heavenly

order, sit, THEN EAT!

greeted by an awesome waiter, we made our order and chose our seat. i fell in love with the place right away. check out the menu here! since they serve vegetarian sausages, we didn’t have to worry about missing out on the famous hot dogs.
i ordered the PIMENTO CHEESE hot dog. my man had the REUBEN & BBQ hot dogs

whether you’re vegetarian or not, this is the place for you. they cater to your dietary needs and whatever you order, it is going to be delicious. you hungry yet? we were so satisfied, that three of us got seconds! 
what’s a date without dessert? LAME.
so just to be spontaneous, we went to a vegan eatery next door called Cashew Vegan Cafe.
another reason why i love Chattanooga. art is everywhere!
amazing and HEALTHY dessert! the boyfriend LOVED his carrot, apple, & beet juice…me?
not so much. ;P
it was an awesome double date!
great company, delicious food, and perfect location.

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