invisalign | my sore first four days

that’s right, i have invisalign. now i know this kind of post is not anything close to the topics, “adventure” or “art”, that i like to stick to. nevertheless, i am aware that some may want to know what my experience is like.
to be honest, i was thrilled to get my first tray (my first pair of braces). the process getting them on was not painful at all. my mouth got dry so it was difficult to swallow sometimes, but everything else was great! i am also very lucky to have AWESOME orthodontics. i know for some the attachments (the buttons attached on your teeth so the tray stays on) can get really annoying, but for me, they’re not a bother at all.
some people ask why i needed to get braces when my teeth look fine already. well, they may look great at first glance, but there’s more than the eye sees. i have cross bites, over bites, and some teeth are unaligned. i also grind my teeth at night (badly) and these braces should help prevent me from doing them again. see, most of my problems are not obvious. 
on my way to the ortho! WITHOUT invsialign.
taking them off for the first time, i started to feel how sore my teeth were going to get. that wasn’t the worst day. my SECOND day, was the most painful day for me. i felt like my teeth were going to fall off! but that’s just me over-exaggerating. don’t worry, it’s really cool to see how quickly your teeth start to move! i mean, it makes sense! in order for teeth to move to a new angle, they might feel tender at first!
and they’re on!
being on my fourth day today, my teeth are finally feeling more normal. they still hurt, but it’s not as bad. i only had to take ibuprofen ONCE and that was on my first day. i’m excited for this experience! invisalign is honestly very cool. no brackets and no painful process! i have to clean my teeth after every meal, but i can’t complain because it helps me maintain a clean mouth.
see that rubber band at the back? it’ll help my cross bite! (you get buttons on your teeth for rubber bands to attach on to)
i probably won’t post another invisalign update until my last tray! thanks for dropping by!

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