My Magic Carpet

led by my love for art 

(and the fact that my roommate and i needed a rug in our dorm room),
i decided to make my own rug. collaborating with my imagination and inspiration drawn from none other than Pinterest, i did just that.
two shades of blue, white, and grey, to match our dorm room
 little did i know the amount of interest this 9×6 rug would ignite in our dorm and group of friends!

both maps are imperfect since they were painted free-hand, but to me, that’s what makes art perfect.
although i didn’t ask/want them to, my amazing roommate and boyfriend started to tell others about my creation. that was all it took for the rug to spark a little business for me. God has truly blessed. this past Christmas break, i spent hours on the floor, hunched over (enduring back pain), to create rugs unique to customized request.
it’s a joy to do what i love along side being a college student. i’ve been blessed to have a tiny yet enjoyable business come out of my love for art.
this rug has truly been my magic carpet.
an iPhone picture of how it looked in our room.
do excuse the mess on the beds…it was finals week!

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