Cheers to New Adventures!

i’m not usually one to be in the midst of a crowd to celebrate a new year, i’m perfectly content watching other countries around the world celebrate (through the television). last night, i welcomed 2k15 with some of my closest friends and family. i wouldn’t have had it any other way. 
what better way to spend NYE than with your friends since third grade?

one of my new year’s resolution  is to HOPEFULLY keep up with staying fit. that’s a goal that usually lasts for about a month, then sits on the back burner. anybody else struggle with that one taunting resolution?
smoke & sparklers = confusion & excitement

another resolution of mine is to stay faithful to my devotions. i know that this is almost impossible due to the hectic lifestyle we all live. having it as a goal helps me keep me trying and forces me to stay true to my word.
for some of us, it was just their third NYE party

lastly, my third resolution is to simply enjoy the life i am so blessed to have. i may not have everything, but i do get to wake up every morning and live another day of life. i want to embrace each day as it comes, and live a happier life!
what are some of YOUR new year’s resolution?
happy 2015 everyone!

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