Christmas in Asheville, NC

my parents and i decided to go on a road trip! 


we left on Christmas Eve

all i’ve ever heard about Asheville was that it was artsy, BEAUTIFUL, fun, and hipster. it seemed like my kind of place, and i was thrilled to get closer with each passing minute.
first stop: Lodge Street

unfortunately, the Gate House Shop to the Biltmore Estate was closed.
that did not keep us from enjoying the area though!

every inch of this Gate House Shop was decked out with Christmas!

the love for photography just runs in the family i guess!
fell in love with Asheville that night


The Basilica of St. Lawrence

we spent our Christmas roaming around, relying simply on “turn right”, “turn left”, and the GPS.
exploring is my favorite!
one of the finds from our sightseeing
Then, we stumbled upon River Link.
“ready? one, two, three!”
tell me about any art district and i’ll be there!
enjoying adventure!
Our next stop was Pack’s Park.

i love a good vintage truck 
So sad it was closed! but it’s ok, it’ll give me a reason to come back.
See? told you the love of photography runs in the family.

sorry for the excessive amount of pictures, but i TRULY enjoyed today’s excursion!
Asheville, i will definitely be back.

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