Our First Christmas Date

 “Thank you SO much for this date! I’m so happy.” i said.

“Really? Good! I’m just happy YOU’RE happy.” he replied with a smile.


for our first Christmas date, Tyler took me to the 
i thought i’d share some bits of our fun that night.

a beautiful view of the Christmas lights and the peaking city skyline
the model trains were the cutest part of the Christmasy extravaganza
a red tunnel filled with Christmas spirit

i can’t express enough how excited i was when we rounded a corner and discovered this big guy!

fire pits for roasting marshmallows. loved having a real fire in the middle of the city!!
i have no doubt that i had THE BEST date out of all the people there! he’s such a great guy.
while i was taking this picture, a little boy holding his mommy’s hand started to sing “Joy to the World” and Tyler began to sing along! next thing i knew, they stood facing each other, finishing the whole first stanza. it warmed my heart.

despite being in the midst of so many people, this part of the show was so relaxing to me.
whenever you are in the area during the Christmas season, stop by for the Garden Lights! It’s absolutely worth it. there were some parts of the show i decided not to capture so i could live in the moment with Tyler. although you couldn’t see every bit of detail that i “ooo-ed” and “ahhh-ed” over, i hope you experienced a bit of the Christmas spirit i enjoyed that night!

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