My Way of Surviving Finals Week

i just have two simple tips i’d like to share that helps me during finals week and keeps me from going completely cray-zayy.

1. take a group of friends (out of campus) to a chill study spot. this is what my roommate and i did last week and we made some awesome memories that night. we took a bunch of our friends and drove to a nearby coffee bar. i loved it because not only was i able to get (some) work done, i also enjoyed a night full of laughter. 
my favorite light fixture from the coffee bar
2. make time for yourself. i’ve learned that college finals can very easily eat me up. that is why i try to do what ever it takes to make sure i stay in charge of my sanity. some of my favorite ways to do this is to draw for a bit, read my Bible, chat with family/friends, go out for a quick drive, and exactly what i’m doing right now… work on my blog!

since i am in the middle of finals week, i will keep this short. for those who are also in this awful pit called, finals week, STAY STRONG! don’t lose yourself! go study at a laid back place with friends and make some ME time. don’t let finals week control your life, control it!

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