Christmas on The Promenade

i waited for what felt like AGES, for the annual Christmas Tree Lighting! when it finally arrived, i was pleasantly surprised with how festive the night was!

all sorts of people were there. folks from the community and the university gathered together to welcome Christmas into the campus. Christmas songs, a little worship thought, doughnut holes & hot cocoa, gave the perfect festive start.

this tree proudly twinkles every night on center campus
Then the fun began! 
the WHOLE promenade was decorated & each building had a little Christmasy surprise like singing, orchestras, a bell choir, a nativity scene, and of course SANTA!
(Tyler & I HAD to have a picture with him)

“will you do a silly face with us?”  “sure! you probably wont be able to tell though!”
haha thanks anyways Santa
my favorite stop was at the library where the Jazz Ensemble graced us with their 
lively songs. nothing beats good Christmas music, on a cool night, with great friends.

they played some snazzy, jazzy songs that night!
it was so pleasant walking from one end of the promenade to the other, bumping into passing friends, whilst enjoying the Christmas music! i LOVE Christmas on campus.

not one building was left un-decorated
the night was crisp and cool…the kind where a hot cup of cocoa would be just right to keep you warm and toasty inside. even the moon was out celebrating with us!
it was the perfect night for a stroll down The Promenade
I’ll never forget my very first Christmas on The Promenade. our campus did a great job making the night special. if you have a chance to walk through a strip beautifully decorated for the holiday, take my advice and DO IT! it’s something you don’t want to miss. there’s just something about the lights, Christmas trees, ornaments, and music, that makes the heart feel alive yet at peace.

15 more days till CHRISTMAS!!!!

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