lost, [prayed] & found

“your faith can move mountains.” have you ever been told that? have you ever heard that said? just recently, i was able to move a mountain. 

for about a month and a half to two months, i had lost a very important book to me. my a&p lab book. as many of you already know, college books are very expensive and i was extremely devastated when i realized that i HAD NO CLUE where my 200 dollar book was. numerous friends, my family, and my boyfriend helped me search all over campus prayerfully. there was no sign of it anywhere. 

the night when i realized i would not be able to turn in the assignment for lab, i had two choices to make: to give up hope, or to keep on searching. i chose the latter. that evening, i prayed one of the most earnest prayers i’ve ever prayed. i told God that i refused to by a new book. i said, “God, i KNOW you see where that book is right now and for some reason, i just cant find it. but please… BRING it to me somehow. i don’t want to have to pay for a new book. You know how expensive a new one costs. you said in matthew 21 that if i just have the faith you had to make that fig tree wilt, i could move a mountain into the sea. Lord i have complete faith that you will give me my lab book. i will wait for as long as i need to, until i have that lab book in my arms once again.”

that was my earnest prayer. i prayed it every time i remembered my lost lab book. i let me tell you…IT WAS A STRUGGLE. by the end of the second week in searching, i was ready to buy a new book. my lab partner, friends, family, would keep inquiring about the book, and each time i kept on getting more and more discouraged. but then i remembered how small my problem was, and how BIG God is. i remembered that He could literally see where my book was at that very moment. so, i had to force myself to take heart, keep my faith, and move along with my day. 

i ended up borrowing a friend’s lab book for a short time.
THANKS AGAIN (you know who you are)! 
long days passed, and God decided it was time to show me His greatness. I had just bumped into my boyfriend on campus, and he was headed to the science building to check on his bio experiment. since i had nothing better to do for the rest of the day, i thought it would be fun to accompany him. when we got to the lab, i saw countless experiments lined up on the back counter, each trying to achieve the same results. it was very entertaining to see who had failed and who was on the right track so far. 

while we were in the lab, an A&P TA (teacher’s assistant) was also there working on, goodness knows what. during our time in the lab, i nonchalantly mentioned to my boyfriend, “man i wish i could just find my lab book. it’s been so long now.” to that, my boyfriend replied, “oh yeah, you’re right! still cant find it huh?” overhearing our conversation, the TA asked me, “oh, you lost your lab book? maybe i can help you!” she started to look through drawers and pointed out various lab books that were on desks. i checked them hoping it would be mine, but knowing that the chances would be slim. (my heart is currently pounding as i’m reliving this exciting experience) she pulled out another drawer, took out another lab book and asked if it was mine. i walked over to her saying, “i doubt it,” but as i got closer to her, i saw pages lined with tabs…just like mine was…the handwriting on those tabs looked EXACTLY like mine. 

i grabbed the book and tears just started to fill my eyes. i could NOT believe it! i could not stop saying thank you! i gave the TA a HUGE hug, asked for her name, and explained to her how long and how hard i had been searching for that book. 

as my boyfriend and i left the science building, he told me he had never seen me smile like that before. it was the best feeling ever and i could not stop saying thanks to God. later, as we got into the car for the store, i started to cry tears of joy. it was not because of the fact that i had found my book (that was a big part of it). it was because of the fact that God showed Himself to me. He truly gave me a test of faith that i really needed. i may not have been able to move a literal mountain, but i certainly moved a mountainous challenge in that moment of my life.

nothing could have been more perfect than the way it was. from bumping into my boyfriend randomly, which led me to go to the lab, where the TA overheard my conversation, to her finding my lab book, and ultimately, God watching the whole experience unfold.

i finally understand what Jesus meant when He said, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to this fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, ‘Go throw yourself into the sea.’ and it will be done. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask in prayer.” Matthew 21:21-22 

faith can truly move mountains. since i lost, then prayed, i eventually found

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