etc || a much-needed weekend

allow me to share with you a fun little weekend i had with my family!! off for a little fishing trip, my family, my boyfriend and i enjoyed every little part of our weekend.

first off, we spent a wonderful Sabbath on the beach. the water was perfect for swimming and the beach breeze was just right, despite the late summer sun. 

Virgil’s root beer is a MUST for a beach day!!

since his birthday was just last week, my family and i decided to surprise T with a little birthday supper!! GOODNESS did we have a lot of food!!!! wonderful food too! his happy face was priceless. 

delicious cake, spaghetti (made by my sister), curry (made by my mother), bruschetta (made by T and me), and fruits (made by God!)

after a very FILLING meal, we decided to have a little family photo-shoot/adventure to a new place. it was beautiful! check out Rosemary Beach whenever you can! it’ll be worth your time. while we were there, i didnt feel like i was in florida…or AMERICA! i would definitely go back if i could. 

exquisite houses, stunning architecture, relaxing scenery. it was perfect!

although the trip was only three days long, it was more than enough. even though we went there to fish and had no luck with catching much, it was a much-needed trip. i got to spend time with my family, T was able to have his first real trip with my family, and i got to shoooo my worries away with everyone. **wished my other sister was there!!!**

my favorite way to hold T’s hand

so even though the new school year is about to start, i appreciate the fun i was able to have with my family. i look forward to more adventures and trips this coming school year and ultimately, i look forward to sharing them with you all!

need a break from the daily grind? take the time to have a getaway trip! even if it’s just for a few days. trust me, you wont regret it.

[God bless&keep smiling]


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