love || my boyfriend’s love…

no, i’m not writing about his love for me. this is about his love for people…for those around him.

many people very easily say, “oh yeah, i’d love to just get out of my car and help the first person I see in need” or “if I could, I would definitely give my money to the people who need it. especially those that hold up signs at the side of the road asking for help.” but how many of them actually do it? it’s all talk, but no actions…

last week, my boyfriend and I were enjoying our drive together, when we heard a vehicle behind us “coughing”. yeah, i’m not the best car mechanic, but basically it wouldn’t turn on. unfortunately, the light had turned green and we had to keep going. i knew my boyfriend, [we’ll call him T] would be thinking about the situation, so I looked over at him. I could tell his wheels were turning. he kept looking back through his rear view mirror. I looked back too and found a yellow creeper van [you know the kinds im talking about] in the distance, stuck in the middle of the busy intersection.

“i really wanna help him. poor guy.” he thought out loud. “let’s help him.”
I smiled and said, “ok.”

we took a U-turn. T tells me that he hoped the guy only needed gas instead of a “jumper cable”, that way he could at least push the van from behind and take it to the nearest gas station. so, I prayed. I prayed that God would let the situation be possible for us to help. I also prayed that T would be safe.

we pull up behind the van, I stayed in the car [due to my injuries], T gets out, and I pray. I pray really hard. as I watched what unfolded in front of me, i got to witness the most touching act of kindness I had ever seen in public. T talks to the driver for a few and the two start their plan. T waves me an assuring “i’ll be back” look, and he starts to push the van as the driver steered. cars slowed for them, and the next thing I new, the van was able to get to a gas station.

by the time T got back in the car, I was tearing up. It was so nice to witness such a kind act. T simply got in, smiled at me, and off we went for our drive. i’ll never forget that.

after my class yesterday, T decided to take me on a nice little study date to Panera for supper. after seeing a few stores and eating our meal, we decided to go back. before we even got to leave the parking lot, I spotted a lady standing with one of those “help, God bless, need money” signs. T saw it too and decided to, you guessed it, turn around. we parked right next to her and I asked her what she needed.

she told us her situation in a very hard “Romanian” accent [T and I thought she was of a different ethnicity]. she needed money for the motel, she’d been looking for a job, and she had no green card. T reached for his wallet, handed her the money that he could give, and we drove off.

on the way back to school, T and I talked to each other on how we thought her accent didn’t sound Romanian and we weren’t sure she was telling the truth. but at the end of it all, we decided that God would bless any effort of kindness or Godliness.  How God would take care of the situation and that what really mattered was how we cared.

many people talk big about what sort of kindness they hope to do, but not very many carry out their words. what I discovered in T was that, instead of all talk and no actions, he’s all actions and no talk.

I don’t recall T ever talking about his desire to be kind in any showy way. he just does it.

my boyfriend’s love for friends, family, strangers, is something I find inspiring and encouraging. and the best part is, he’s so humble about it. how’d I get so lucky?

I think that if we don’t have any efforts to put in our words, we shouldn’t say anything at all. We’ve been given the ability to love and to show love. it’s up to you whether you actually show it or not.

[God bless&keep smiling]


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