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now I know that for many people out there, the topic of music can be very [how to say this…] overly sensitive. BUT, i believe that if a person has something that could benefit others, he/she should make it known to others. So today, I would like to share some of my thoughts about music. since our brains are sponges ready to take in information, i’d like to let you soak this in for a bit. **please keep in mind, I do my best to educate myself in this topic…im no pro or know-it-all ^__^**

music is…powerful.
it can be therapy. it can be evil. I
believe that many people don’t realize how strongly their choices of music can impact their lives. I’ve read and listened to many seminars and documentaries on music. and trust me. every once in a while, you should just listen to the lyrics you’re ears are taking in. what is it saying? what is it persuading you?

there’s so much into music that I cant talk about every bit of detail. but let me just tell you. the beats, the rhythm, the melody…all convey different emotions that we unknowingly take in. it’s powerful…it can uplift, and it can depress…most importantly, it influences.

what kind of music influences you?

music is…a window.
now this is more of a belief I have in a more religious stand point. but truthfully, I think it applies to everyone’s lives. I have a strong desire to have a window open to God and His goodness. if I let in good influences in my brain, God is able to lead me. if I allow my brain/life/choices to walk into a dark window, it’s harder for me to reach God.

music is…a message.
have you ever thought about what kind of people the artists are that you listen to? have you ever wondered WHY they write what they do? or even more so, HOW they get what they compose about?

now I’m going to take this a step deeper into a more serious viewpoint on music. in a world where there is a war for our souls between God and Satan, I believe there is more to music than something we listen to. it’s a way for artists to tell us something…what IS that “something”?

i will be taking the negative part of music first. there are some songs I’ve paid close attention to and have realized that some lyrics sound a lot like demon possession. or maybe even suicidal things…more than anything, they’re just very DIRTY and inappropriate.

positively, I’ve also found some types of music [not just Christian genre] where there aren’t any questionable connotations. obviously, i enjoy a lot of Christian music as well.

Satan can easily use something as enjoyable as music, to influence our lives. but we don’t have to let him.

music is…personal.
i realize that for many people, their music is their own special place. it’s their happy place, as well as their way to get away from the stresses of every day encounters. that’s fine! there’s nothing wrong with that! BUT, HOW are you being happy? is it through dirty music? through questionable songs? depressing lyrics?

i don’t know about you, but i desire a clean and pure life. if i listen to music that speak about things contrary to a positive life, i don’t believe i’m achieving my goal.

music is a gift. it’s meant to be enjoyed! it’s meant to be praiseworthy. and sadly, Satan has taken music, like many other things, and turned it to another direction. but no one ever said you had to get pulled into that route.

Remember, “Do no love the world or the things in the world. if anyone loves the world the love of the Father is not in him.” 1 John 2:15

how do you want music to impact your life?

[God bless&keep smiling]


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