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I cant stress enough how COLORFUL my days have been recently!

moving in was such a blast. I was sooo excited for decorating and living in a new dorm. we (my family and I) made a historical move in record! we moved in within an hour or so! it came with experience im sure…hahaa

living with my roommate has been quite fun! I enjoy living with her, and I am positive that we will have lots of fun times this year.

making friends has been great! I always looking forward to a new day, because I know it’s another opportunity to make new friends. most of the time I sit in the library and today, I enjoyed my time there as I studied with my new friends.

the food has been very enjoyable! my favorite days are Wednesdays because it’s PASTA DAY!! it’s so delicious!! I also enjoy eating at the caf because it gives me a chance to meet new people as well!

all has been well, except for a small detail that I’ve been leaving off…haha oh dear. here we go…I injured myself. BUUUUT, I am healing very quickly! the first four days were the worst. now, my wounds have been getting their new skin as well as scabbing. I cannot wait to be completely healed! I look forward to being able to participate in many activities!

oh! right…so HOW I got injured…long story short, I hit a speed wobble on my longboard. my trucks were wayyyy too loose for even the smallest hill. I thought I could make it down, but it got too out of control. so I tried to run off of my board to keep my momentum, but somewhere along my efforts to do so, I failed. my boyfriend says that he saw me trip and that was how I ended up SKIDDING on the pavement. yes. I have wounds on my right knee, on my hip, a road burn on my right thigh, left shoulder, and one on each elbow, then a road burn on my forearm.

you know, God is so good protecting my head. because it really should have been hit by the way I landed. I’ve been so blessed with sweet friends, roommate, and boyfriend. they helped me so much more than our school clinic did! I love them so much!!!!

my wounds have helped me see life differently. it’s taught me to be more positive, and NOT to take showers, changing, the ability to reach things, for granted!!!! my days have been more fun with it! it keeps things different and teaches me many things! including the fact that have bad wounds is the best way to get to know people! haha

see the good in wounds…it makes the healing process go faster.

[God bless&keep smiling]


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