love || forever in love

no need to worry, this isn’t a sappy love post. it’s actually not about me. it’s about another couple I find true and real.

growing up, the number one love story I learned was not of Cinderella, or of Jane Austen’s classics…it was the story of my parent’s love. they had, to me, the most interesting courtship. every time the story was told to me, I could tell that they had a fun time getting to know each other. I honestly wish I could have been one of their college classmates back then, just so I could witness their fun love story unfold.

love shouldn’t be how you feel…but what you do

yet at the same time, I’m thankful to be able to witness their marriage. since I was a young girl, my number one wish is to have a marriage that remains a courtship. you know, full of dates, constant love notes, random acts of kindness just to show the other person how much you love them. in my parent’s marriage, I’ve recently noticed a sweet act of love.

my mother has been out of town for a bit, returning very soon, but I can tell the distance has been hard for my parents. my mom and dad haven’t been able to enjoy their random little nightly snacks. [especially on my dad’s cooked fish that he caught himself] Knowing that she probably misses the fish he cooks so well, my dad had a brilliant idea one day. it was simple and easy. he decided he was going to send some of his cooked fish to my mom. just a little package of the little thing they enjoy together.

it made me smile. I’ve noticed a lot of marriages where little acts of love are easily forgotten. through my dad’s actions, I saw that it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. just something special between the two of you is all you need. what’s even cooler, is that he didn’t necessarily do it because he wanted to show her his love [though I’m sure that’s a big part of it]. I saw that he did it simply because he loves her.

love goes a long way. what a strong feeling it is… and what a powerful verb it proves to be. I look forward to having a courtship during my marriage!

[God bless&keep smiling]


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