life||rekindling friendships

we’ve all had friends that have come and gone…we also tend to forget about the ones that leave. I ALMOST made that mistake…but not today!

ever since a little 2nd grader, I had a childhood friend, Katrina. we lived in the same neighborhood, and our parents were close friends. she was my best friend.

life happened, and she had to transfer to a different school. we were not only separated as classmates, but separated as best friends. ever since she left, we slowly lost communication. I left for high school, she stayed near home. no feelings were ever hurt, no bitterness was felt towards each other, our childhood friendship simply died down.

it was only till recently that I felt a strong impression from God to make efforts to talk to her again, see how she’s been, and possibly rekindle our lost friendship. I hesitated at first…knowing how most of the time, these efforts turn out less successful as imagined. the urge to reconnect with her was getting a bit strong annoying, and I finally gave in.

with certain situations allowing it, there was an opportunity for us to catch up with each other. I invited her to sleepover with me! now to be honest, I was SURE hoping she would say no. [I only hoped she would say no because I was incredibly nervous of the possibility of her hating me, or for things to turn out awkwardly] but through God’s intervention [I believe], she said YES! [hahah sounds like a proposal]

rekindling is more fun than making
new friendships!

anyways it turned out to be one of the best decisions and sleepovers I’ve ever made. at the end of our bonding time together, I felt like we were only apart as friends for a few months. years can easily turn into months if you put the time and effort into it. I understand the statement of “going out of your comfort zone”. it was awkward for me to invite her over since it had been such a long time, but it was well worth it. hanging out with her wasn’t awkward. I just felt like I was having a girl date with one of my close friends.

if you have a friend you feel you need to rekindle your friendship with, I say go for it. like my sister said, “it never hurts to try”. [or something like that…] for all you know, your efforts may turn out a lot better than you expect! just like my experience with Katrina. plus, it’s always such a great feeling to know that you didn’t lose a friend but gained one…or in my case, kept one.

[God bless&keep smiling…they’re contagious] 


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