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last night, i decided i would bake some blueberry muffins for my sister’s arrival. though, they didnt really turn out to be muffins, but a blueberry bread instead! (we lost our muffin pan unfortunately) i mostly followed the mix’s instructions, except for one small ingredient. 

here are my ingredients:

1) take the 8X4 pan and grease it. i decided to use “i cant believe it’s not butter” to grease the pan.

2) drain the blueberries, rinse and set aside. conveniently, the mix provided the blueberries so i didnt even have to look for the blueberries!

3) mix in the water, oil, eggs, and mix into a medium-size bowl. 

4) midst the stirring process, add a teeny tiny bit of milk. (no this is not part of the box instructions, but it’s my little addition. i believe it will help add moisture and provide a more milky taste that i love in muffins) 

by this time, i began preheating the oven to 365 degrees. the box said 375, but i felt that was too hot for our crazy oven. 

5) add the blueberries. 

now i just stir gently so the blueberries wont explode and look ugly. do this by folding the mix over the blueberries until the berries become evenly distributed.

6) pour the mix into the pan. i dont know if this is recommended or not, but i just gave the pan a little smack on the counter to even out the mix better. im no pro-baker so sorry if im not supposed to do that!

7) place in the oven. i put the timer on for 35 min. the box told me to put it in for 35-45 mins. 

8) use a toothpick to check if it comes out clean. yes, i use this classic method for my pastries like cakes and muffins. i know…my toothpick is ginormous! 

9) and there is your delicious bread! im going to try this bread out with butter. im sure it’ll taste amazing! some milk with it would be great too! see how this toothpick end is dry? it’s ready!

adding milk DOES make a difference! it’s so moist!
eating it with butter and milk is exactly what i was craving
i realize the top of the bread looks a bit burnt, but honestly, the inside is perfect. 
i read online, that a good way to preserve UNFROSTED cakes is to wrap it in plastic wrap, then put it in a ziploc bag. they recommend to put it in the fridge if your house gets hot. since it’s summer time, i obviously had to do so. 

happy baking!
[God bless&keep smiling…they’re contagious]

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