etc || canvas painting project

i’ve finally started the canvas project that i
mentioned not too long ago!
i took some pictures to share the process.

everything i bought was from HobbyLobby. that includes the paint, brushes, varnish, and canvas.

 [covered up the whole canvas with a beautiful mint blue]

 [mixed some red and white to create many shades of pink]

 [roses aren’t my favorite flowers, but they sure are a joy to paint!]

[the cheerful green of the leaves just add the perfect touch to the happy colors]

TA-DA! so much fun!! i realize that usually signatures go to the right, but just this once, i put it at the left for the sake of balancing out the picture. there will definitely be more painted  canvases to come!!!! if you’d like one, let me know! i’ll sell it if there’s a good offer!

[God bless&keep smiling…they’re contagious]
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