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i grew up in a very DIY & project involved home. (maybe some of you can relate ^__~ )we did renovations, to sewing, to fixing things with our hands, to fixing the car…etc! i suppose it’s hard for my parents to resist projects since they have such artistic minds. well those artsy juices got woven into my siblings and me. and i want to share what i plan on doing this summer!
now i’ve never been KEEN at sewing, but i CAN sew. enough to fix those torn patches and fix the hems of whatever needs to be fixed. but i want to take it a step further and sew a stuffed animal! i love bunnies, so i plan on making one out of soft material. and i guess we’ll see how it goes from there! i’ll be posting updates on it for those that are interested to see how it turns out.

another project im VERY excited for is CANVAS PAINTING! but not just any kind! those that have adorable designs with encouraging and uplifting quotes on them! yes i plan on possibly starting them today. i have four canvases ready for me. all i need to buy is paint! i will post updates on the canvases as well.

now i mentioned having siblings earlier. yes, i have two older sisters that are near and dear to my heart. they have INCREDIBLE artistic abilities! the one in particular i would love to tell you about is my middle sister. she has a beautiful gift of fashion design. now she’s not a fashion designer, but she has the natural talent of fashion design. if that makes any sense. here’s one of her little drawings that she made.
                          Displaying IMG_6320.jpeg
AMAZING RIGHT?!?! im sure a lot of you ladies out there love these kinds of pictures and im sure that if you would LIKE one of her creations like this, she would be more than happy to sell them! let me know if you want one! she would probably have to sell them at random though just so it would be easier for her to deliver what she feels looks best.

may your creative juices and true passions become your joy through the stresses in life! 
[God bless & keep smiling…they’re contagious]


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