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im sure everyone has their own little list of things they want to do in their lifetime. id like to share my HUGE list of things i wish to do in my life. sooooo, let’s get started! (these are things right off the top of my head! so there’s most likely more i want to do, that i just didnt get to think of!)


  1. go on lots of mission trips around the world
  2. go to france!!! and eat french macaroons there. 
  3. go to britain!
  4. go to santorini
  5. learn how to surf
  6. go to a comicon
  7. sleep in a treehouse for at least a night
  8. experience sleeping in a jungle
  9. have a road trip by a map 
  10. go to one of the best planetariums 
  11. sleep on the beach (by tent, my cot, by anything!)
  12. learn how to drive stick
  13. go to ireland
  14. go to cambodia
  15. teach english in a foreign land
  16. go where Christ leads
  17. ride a hot air balloon
  18. go skydiving
  19. drive a boat
  20. try commuting by bike for a day
  21. go to italy and ride the famous gondolas 
  22. stay at a flat/studio/scenic-view apartment
  23. give a hitchhiker a ride
  24. give a hobo some water or whatever else he needs
  25. go on a month-long trip to somewhere in the world
  26. go to heaven
  27. travel to the famous sights of US
  28. go through a day without sight (with a little help from friends of course)
  29. go paddleboarding
  30. sell an artwork

so there you have just a few of the things i hope to check of in my life! i am soooo excited! please share with me your bucket lists! or if you have any cool places you think i’d enjoy, go ahead and let me know in the comments below! 

life’s an adventure! dont let the bad ones bring you down, make the most of it and turn it to a great adventure!

[God bless & keep smiling…they’re contagious]


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