life || blogging nerves

i’m so nervous to start blogging. first of all, i’ve always thought blogging was so weird nerdy. hilariously, i’ve discovered through the years that i’m actually really nerdy. i enjoy books, dream of living in my favorite books, surf the web ALL THE TIME, love the youtubers i subscribe to, and enjoy reading blogs!
for example:

i’ve attempted blogging before in the past actually. on tumblr (as my first one), and on wordpress. they’ve all disappeared really. i found no passion for it, and no one seemed to like my posts! or at least, i dont think anyone liked them. (no one really read them) i guess i blogged in hopes to have people to reach out to, more than to blog just to blog.

well i find blogging a real therapeutic thing for me. growing up as a journal/diary fanatic, i loved writing. and i found blogging to be another great form of writing as i did when i was a little girl. so i will continue to write as i did before. i dont know about you all, but when i wrote in my diaries, i loved to make it seem like a letter almost. as if people were actually going to read my entries! and i wish to do the same to my blog. i cant wait to make more conversations and “entries” for my future readers!

so here, i hope that you all will find joy, happiness, and smiles through my words, as other blogs and bloggers have done to me!!

[God bless & keep smiling…they’re contagious]


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