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i dont know about you all, but i love driving/drives to random places of the unknown. and today, i had so much fun venturing new places with my mom. it all started off as a (supposed-to-be) short drive to an outlet to see fossil. *woop woop! love that store* after our little window-shopping, we drove to streets that we had never driven over. and what a brilliant drive it was! we ended up discovering an adorable little strip of what was called “Downtown Woodstock”. although it wasnt the kind of downtown you would automatically think…it was a cute, quaint, old downtown. one of those rare strips of old buildings cornered with unique boutiques, stuffed antique shops, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. if you get the chance, DO GO! whenever you get to Georgia some day, and you’re up for a small drive, go to Downtown Woodstock. i will put a link of it below for those that want to get a better idea of what it’s like. in my opinion, it’s perfect for one of those frugal dates that couples can go on! there are shops to keep you entertained, yet little restaurants to keep your tummy satisfied. and if you want to keep it REALLY cheap, have a little picnic at the park that is nestled within the town! it’s absolutely perfect for someone who wants to have a chill afternoon in a new place. 

my mom and i had a blast and im sure you would too! especially if you’re like us…lovers of random drives, discovering new places, venturing old towns, and checking out one-of-a-kind shops!

now i am starved…yes…it was a VERY cheap little date my mom and i went on…we didnt eat. haha so i will now go and cook a little meal for myself. hope you all keep your life alive with adventures as my mom and i had today! it’s all worth it! i know this life on earth isnt always the best or most interesting, but there’s so much to see, you wont have time to be bored if you get up and start looking.

[God bless & keep smiling…they’re contagious]
This is not the main little town, but this is a small strip behind the main one.
It had boutiques and eateries, with condos above! very cute!

 More on Downtown Woodstock


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